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Welcome to the Artist's Block. My name is Imaad Mian. I am currently a candidate for a BMath at the University of Waterloo and a BBA at Wilfrid Laurier. I have always enjoyed learning new skills and practicing them as best I can and this website is the product of all that practice. Over the last 2 years I founded my brand Mian Studios as a creative production company. This included photography, videography and audio production that I did for clients as well as clubs in my high school. Simultaneously, I started the Artist's Block Podcast, a podcast about passionate youth to help inspire listeners of my age group to get out there and try new things. This website is the house of all my personal projects, photo galleries and creative writing work. Feel free to look around!

This website was coded completely from scratch as a chance for me to learn more about HMTL and CSS and come into my own as a web developer. I believe that I will be able to utilize these skills for any employment I seek in the future. It was great fun going through the process of learning a vast language and I'd personally recommend having a project in mind for all starting developers. Without a project, you'll find yourself not knowing what you need to know to complete anything. I give all the credit to the folks over at Khan Academy for an excellent course to follow.

If you'd like to contact me anytime, I'm available on all platforms! Click any of the circles below and it (should) take you to the right destination.